I’ve always enjoyed reading Seth Godin’s books and blog posts. And recently his blog posts have been extraordinarily good.

And if you are interested in small business and the revolution we are in the midst of, these two posts are must-read:

The Realization is Now
The Opportunity is Here

These posts sum up so much of what is important for small businesses online. They are short and to the point and I suggest you read them in full … but I’d still like to highlight these quotes.

It takes a long time for a generation to come around to significant revolutionary change. The newspaper business, the steel business, law firms, the car business, the record business, even computers… one by one, our industries are being turned upside down, and so quickly that it requires us to change faster than we’d like.


Note! Like all revolutions, this is an opportunity, not a solution, not a guarantee. It’s an opportunity to poke and experiment and fail and discover dead ends on the way to making a difference. The old economy offered a guarantee–time plus education plus obedience = stability. The new one, not so much. The new one offers a chance for you to take a chance and make an impact.