Skype Subscriptions seem good on paper. For a monthly fee, you get 3 online numbers and ‘unlimited’ (read capped) calls.

The trouble is, Skype advertise a subscription as including 3 online numbers. But the first time a subscription was set up in our business account, I find we are being charged for the subscription AND then for each online number (3 of them, each with a monthly fee around the same as the subscription itself). If the way the product works is that you can’t get the 3 online numbers, then the advertising is false and misleading.

Skype’s online support is slow and unresponsive. They just don’t see a problem, and aren’t answering any further.

So if you decide to try Skype Subscriptions, watch your step. Right now I’m disappointed the service doesn’t deliver on the promise (which would be worth it, if it worked as advertised).

It didn’t help that Skype chose the same month to a) take the unused credit out of one of our accounts which wasn’t being used; and b) apply the auto-recharge to purchase more credit for it. That is pretty sharp business practice. Support was once again unresponsive.

Trust is very important online, and it is disappointing when a company you like turns around and behaves like this. I’ll get over it, but I’m not happy recommending Skype anymore.

Are there alternative products for small business? I’d like to find out more about them.