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Should Your WooCommerce Store Have a Blog?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

To keep a blog up to date is a lot of work. You might be weighing up whether it’s worth the effort.

The short answer is YES. Your WooCommerce store should have a blog that is regularly updated by you or someone who knows your customers as well as you do.

The first principle for creating good content on your website is to create material that helps your customers in some way. Be useful. Be genuine. Be generous. Be trustworthy.

A blog can be a valuable part of you online store content marketing strategy. Here are a couple of tips.

Build Trust

Every blog post creates an opportunity for your customers to get to know more about you and your business. Think of it as a conversation between you and your customer. Communication like this can build a sense of trust. People will feel like they know you long before you meet them or they buy from you online.

Help People

Write about topics you know your customers care about. Answer questions they want answered. Give them a deeper understanding of your products and your company. Try to be helpful. Ask your team to note the questions customers ask and make those questions blog post topics.

Reach Out

Every time you publish a blog post it is indexed in Google. Each post creates a way for your customers to find your store when they are searching online. Blog posts are still regarded by many as good sources of trustworthy information.

Build Authority

Genuinely compelling content is shared by people through website links and social media. Quality links send signals to Google that the website for your WooCommerce store is trustworthy and carries authority in your area of activity. Your search rankings will benefit from those quality links and that ends up looking a lot like more sales.

Make Friends

Your blog gives you a chance to reach out to people who might support your business. Write about people and other businesses you admire – link to their websites. You’ll make some friends this way. Who knows, they might share your post with their own networks and that is spreading the word about your store.

Use The Right Language

Make sure your WooCommerce store blog is written in a language that your customers will relate to. Keep the tone positive. Always.

Create A Habit

We’d recommend having a regular day of the week when you publish your blog posts. Creating a publishing habit will make attending to this valuable task a lot easier.

You are more than a WooCommerce store owner. You are also a publisher. You are publishing a special magazine just for your customers. In time you’ll see the results and you’ll realise it is certainly is worth the effort.