Do you need something done on your website that you don’t know how to do? Or just don’t have the time to get to it? Webmasters can complete lots of tasks, and solve all sorts of problems you might face:

  • Graphics: Need a new image banner or set of buttons for an offer, or want a special image for a particular blog post? Your webmaster can produce graphics that use the right colors, fonts and are size for the web, and upload them to your site, ready to use.
  • Reporting: Do you want someone to review your traffic and report to you on progress? For example, if you are targeting a particular keyword, you might want to review progress on organic and paid search traffic as well as referrals to make sure your traffic is growing.
  • Help: Every now and then things happen online that you need help for and you don’t want to wait for a response via the Forums. A webmaster will get things done for you.

Big Business Does It: Big businesses will have one or more Webmasters working full time for them. So when issues arise, an expert is on hand to do the job.

You Can Do It To: If you have an OM4 website, you have access to a Webmaster as well. And you don’t have to pay a full time salary or provide a desk/computer for them to work from.

How It Works: You pay an OM4 Webmaster by the hour when you need things done. If you find you are getting regular tasks for a Webmaster, you can setup a regular monthly arrangement and reduce the effort involved in getting things done.

  • You allocate a budget of Webmaster hours and purchase them in advance. If you need help estimating the hours for a task, contact us and ask.
  • You provide instructions on what you need done. An OM4 Webmaster reviews the instructions and does the work.
  • If they estimate the job will take longer than the hours you have purchased, they will let you know. You can either purchase additional hours, or keep the hours for other tasks.
  • You only get charged the actual hours it takes to complete the job, and unused hours accrue.
  • We send you a report on the task when it is completed, and the number of hours you have remaining in credit.
  • We do not refund the value of unused hours. You may however request services to utilise the available hours.


To initiate this service, please contact us.