SMS Notifications for Form Completions and WooCommerce Orders

Would you like to receive an SMS notification whenever:

  • you get a new order in your WooCommerce store?
  • someone fills out a particular enquiry form (Gravity Forms)?

Through OM4 Web Assist, we can arrange this for you.

The cost is $199 AUD for the initial setup, and $49 for each notification zap (WooCommerce New Order notifications is one zap, New Form notification for one form is one zap).

You’ll need to follow the instructions below to register for a Twilio and a Zapier account. The trial/free accounts from these providers are fine for a small number of SMS alerts, higher volumes may require you to upgrade to their paid accounts).


  • Trial account (free)
  • account (free)
  • active OM4 Web Assist service


1. Set up a Twilio account (trial)

Sign up for a Twilio Trial Account

Important: Keep a Record of your Username / Password

Note: you can use your Trial account for a basic level of SMS messages. If your activity exceeds the Trial levels, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid Twilio account (6.5c per message to Australian mobiles)
Go to and sign up for a trial account. You will get a free Twilio phone number as part of the signup – you won’t really need to use this for the WooCommerce integration.
Add and verify a phone number to send SMS messages to (this is different to your Twilio phone number.) This is the mobile number for your SMS alerts.

2. Set up a Zapier free account

Sign up for a Free Zapier Account

Important: Keep a Record of your Username / Password

3. Supply your details to OM4 and request configuration

  • Alert Configuration Information