Do you want to improve your organic rankings with Google and get more ‘free’ visitors from them?

Subscribe to OM4’s Rank Checker service and get a monthly report from OM4 that shows you how your website ranks in the search engines and how many visitors you are getting.

This report is useful if you:

  • are doing your own SEO work and want an external perspective on your results
  • are using a third party to do some SEO work for you and you would like an independent check on your results

All Rank Checker Reports include:

  • Google’s estimated search volume (per month) for each keyword
  • # of visits per month from each keyword
  • your site’s ranking in the search engine results for each keyword
  • variations (up/down) in rankings for each keyword
Rank Checker ServiceExtended Rank Checker Service


  • Australia: AUD and include GST
  • Outside Australia: USD and do not include GST

Underlying keyword rank data is sourced from a provider who uses authorised data that complies with Google’s API requirements.