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Google Advertising

Fast, Measurable and Targeted

What Is The Fuss About?

Google Ads is Google's advertising platform. When your customers search for you using Google, frequently the first thing they see on their search results will be paid ads, jostling for their attention.

Paid ads usually appear at the top of the page, and increasingly resemble business website listings. Paid ads like this are often known as PPC (pay per click) ads. For many businesses, paid ads can be a fast and effective way to generate leads.

Do Paid Ads Suit Your Business?

The good news is that PPC and other forms of online advertising may offer you a great opportunity to get in front of your customer at just the right time.

Paid ads can start to work immediately. While not every business will get value from PPC ads, we are happy to discuss how it could work for your business and the potential benefits. No cost for a chat.

Full Transparency & Commitment To Your Business

When we work with you on a Google Ads account, we work on your account which will stay with you, even after our work is done.

We ask for an initial 6 month minimum commitment, and after that you can pause or cancel our service at any time.

Why Get Your Google Ads Professionally Managed?

Working with our qualified Google AdWords management specialist helps you get clear on Google Ad strategy.

Your success will be closely measured. Your ads, keywords and bids will be managed, with guidance from you about your objectives (which can change). You can scale-up or scale-down your spend depending on the results you are achieving. You set a budget, we work within it to optimise your outcomes.

Paid Ad Services

Google Ads 

Google Shopping

Google Retargetted Ads (display)

Facebook Advertising

Linkedin Advertising

Instagram Advertising

The Paid Ad Working Process

Find Great Words

We research keywords to help get your ads to your preferred customers.

Set Up Campaigns

With your input, we develop an ad strategy and set up your ad campaigns.

Test Different Ads

Different combinations of advertising copy are tested to help find ads with strong appeal to your customers.

A/B Test Different Ads

Split testing and optimisation lets us compare results between different ads so we can do more of what works.

Test Landing Pages 

After clicking your ad your prospect sees your landing page. Good landing pages tell your story and help convert the sale, so we test out different landing page designs to optimise your converstion.

Administer Budgets

We manage your ad spend to align to your budget. Where we see opportunities for you to save on costs or boost profits, we'll make recommdations to you.

Track Performance and Report Results

We'll use tools like Google Analytics to measure performance. We prepare reports to discuss with you and help you understand costs, performance and outcomes.

We Work For You, Not Google

Google offers advertisers an easy way to spend up big, trusting that Google will deliver for them. They run ads for you, and your competitors.

So when it comes to paid ads, it matters that you have someone in your corner, to pay attention to the details and run your ad campaigns to benefit you and your business.