Getting good links to your website helps build its authority. And the higher its authority, the better it will rank in the search engine result pages.

But not all links are equal. Some links are low value, almost worthless. Others are very authoritative. Typically, good links are hard to come by.

Paying someone to build links for you is potentially a good strategy, but it depends a lot on what is involved. Anything that involves spamming – you should steer well clear of.

Finding a good, relevant website that might link to you, and then finding a legitimate way to earn a link – that is the core of our approach. It isn’t easy, and it takes time. But links built this way can be a lot more valuable than some of the alternatives. A single, high quality link is worth a lot more than many low value links.

Getting links from directories can be a good strategy, depending on how relevant the directory is. Some directories are worthless, others can send qualified traffic. Some directories have free listings, and some have paid options. The value of each varies.

To help you focus your link building efforts, we offer a service that:

  • analyses existing links to your website, in particular the valuable, high authority links you have
  • analyses existing links for your competitors, identifying in particular the valuable, high authority links
  • analyses directories that offer good prospects for sending quality referral traffic, or building your search engine authority
  • develops a Link Building Plan to provide a focus for ongoing link building efforts

After developing the Link Building Plan we use it to go about … building links.

We don’t use any automated link building processes, don’t use any bulk submission tools. In short, we help you approach link building in a way that is totally transparent. And very difficult for your competitors to match.

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