Google G Suite (formerly Google Apps) is a service from Google that allows you to operate Google Mail, Google Calendar and Google Docs at your chosen domain.

Google G Suite costs $50 USD per user.

Note Google G SuiteĀ is a service owned and operated by Google – their service may change at any time, and is governed by Google’s Terms of Service.

OM4 can configure Google G Suite for your domain.

Overview: use the Brief below to:

  • Specify your business name, contact details and the domain to be used.
  • Specify the email addresses you need, identifying each user’s name and a secondary email address.
  • Specify the administrator (or administrator) of your account.
  • Specify any email aliases ( forwards straight to or email lists ( is forwarded to,

Scope and Authority: by approving the setup, you are authorising us to:

  • Create a Google G Suite account in your organisation’s name and accept the Google Terms of Service on your behalf.
  • Configure DNS settings required for Google G Suite.
  • Configure users, nicknames and lists as specified
  • Set up one or more administrator account.
  • Email you instructions on how to access your Google G Suite account.

Mail History: If you already have email services on this domain, you may need to consider your email history requirements. Unless agreed separately in writing, our service does *not* include migrating email history from an existing mail server. Many people who use a mail reader such as Outlook download their email from their mail server to their mail reader which means their mail history is stored on their computer. If this is the case, you may not have a requirement to migrate any mail history. If you do need to migrate historical mail from your old mail server, we can help you with this on an hourly rate basis if you advise us of your requirement in advance.

Support: Google G Suite is a product hosted and provided by Google and support for it is provided by Google, not OM4. The Google G Suite service includes additional support services and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.