A Google AdWords campaign enables you to advertise your product or service when people use Google to search for specific keywords and click on your ad. This is known as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, and is one of several available search engine marketing (SEM) options available to you.

Once you setup a Google AdWords campaign, it is recommended that you review it regularly to assess its effectiveness. Making adjustments to try and optimise a campaign can improve it over a period of time.

OM4 can monitor and optimise your AdWords campaign for you.

When you subscribe to this service, you will:

  • grant appropriate access to OM4 to your AdWords account (this does not include your payment details)
  • nominate your total monthly AdWords budget to OM4 in writing
  • implement a system in your business for tracking the source of your leads and sales so you can make a reasonable estimate of the results of your AdWords campaign
  • implement a system of estimating the value of each sale so you can make a reasonable estimate of the profitability of AdWords campaigns
  • review monthly reports provided by OM4 assessing your AdWords campaign
  • retain overall responsibility for the outcomes achieved by the AdWords campaign, acknowledging that it is not always possible to accurately predict the impact of changes to a campaign.

OM4 will:

  • review your AdWords account and adjust
  • prepare a summary report for you each month highlighting your monthly expenditure, your click through rates and conversion rates (if conversion tracking is enabled)
  • monitor keyword utilisation and recommend additional keywords


Google AdWords is not for everyone.  There are a few important principles to keep in mind before asking us to monitor your AdWords. If these principles worry you, don’t hire us.

  • while we will try, we may not be able to improve the performance of your AdWords campaign.
  • we cannot guarantee the performance your AdWords campaign may not deteriorate, either from month to month or overall
  • you may pay for clicks but those clicks may not convert
  • if the monitoring service does not deliver the business results you would like, you may stop the service at any time
  • like all of our services, using the AdWords monitoring service is subject to our Terms of Servic