If you own your own business, you will have a lot of demands on your time. This might make it hard for you to consider blogging.

So why not consider a Ghost Blogger?

A Ghost Blogger is a bit like a ghost writer. They prepare draft posts for you. You review their work, make any corrections and publish.

Your Ghost Blogger can work with you in a number of ways:

  • Interview Led: Your Ghost Blogger talks with you (Skype, telephone) about a topic and takes notes. They write up a draft post that expresses your point of view of perspective. You review the post, make corrections and publish it. This style of working will result in your point of view being expressed.
  • Keyword Led: Your Ghost Blogger reviews a set of priority keywords (possibly from your Keyword Plan). Your Ghost Blogger researches one of the keywords, and then interviews you on the topic. They may mention specific facts they have researched. They take notes and write up a draft post that expresses your point of view or perspective. This style of working can help you achieve search engine rankings for new keywords, and strengthen rankings for more competitive keywords.
  • Community Led: Your Ghost Blogger will research your community of interest to identify bloggers writing in that area. They will then discuss with you options for writing content that may be of interest to the community and attract inbound links. This style of working can help you earn more inbound links.
  • Directory Led: Your Ghost Blogger can help you research relevant directories and identify a prioritised list of directory requests and/or subscriptions (if the directories are paid). This might include identifying a relevant DMOZ category and submitting a request for inclusion. This style of working can help you build the number of directory links.

Note while you can choose one or more styles of working, your Ghost Blogger is working to a time budget. If there is value many different tasks, you can purchase a second subscription to double the allocation of hours your Ghost Blogger has to work with.

Your Ghost Blogger will be trying to write in a way that conveys your own style and meaning. Not theirs. If you want to see an example of a blog written with the aid of a Ghost Blogger, see Paul and Jenny’s blog, and read a post by Jenny describing how it works.

Where required, your Ghost Blogger will use keyword research tools, research relevant links, prepare and load images and write headlines.

Your Ghost Blogger can also coach you if you want to improve your own skills.

Using a Ghost Blogger helps get your blog up and going and creates a solid platform for the future. You may choose to take over all blogging yourself, do some posts yourself and others with the Ghost Blogger, or rely solely on your Ghost Blogger. The service can run for as short or long a period as required.


To initiate this service, please contact us.