In some situations you may find it useful to have a personalised consultation session with someone from OM4. These sessions are billed at OM4’s hourly rate.

There are several types of sessions avaiable:

  • Familiarisation Session: a personalised walk through of a specific aspect of your website, to help you learn more or to train a new member of your team.
  • Planning Session: a review of your specific business requirements and a discussion of alternatives.
  • Working Session: a shared-screen session to complete a specific task. Useful if you want to learn a new skill and complete a task at the same time.

Note OM4 does not provide advice in relation to financial services or financial service providers. Where we have specific knowledge we will assist you in identifying and understanding facts relating to financial services.


WordPress Familiarisation

General familiarisation session covering:

  • WordPress Dashboard
  • Updating pages
  • Adding blog posts
  • Adding images
  • Using forms
  • Help videos

This session is often included after a new OM4 website goes live.


WooCommerce Familiarisation

Guided walk-through of the WooCommerce plugin:

  • Categories &¬†Products
  • Product Images
  • Coupons / Offers

Session Duration: 1 hour

WooCommerce Shipping Planning

Discuss your business requirements and review the different approaches to shipping using your WooCommerce store:

  • Free Shipping Model
  • Australia Post Shipping
  • Weight / Destination Based Rates

WooCommerce Payment Gateway Planning

Discuss your business requirements and review the different approaches to payment gateway integration:

  • PayPal
  • eWay
  • e-Path
  • Banks

WordPress Advanced Plugins

WordPress Membership Familiarisation

Familiarisation session covering:

  • Key concepts
  • Categories
  • Shortcodes
  • Levels
  • Subscriptions
  • Payment gateways

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor Familiarisation

How to use Campaign Monitor to:

  • Create new campaigns
  • Add and edit articles
  • Test your campaigns
  • Send your campaigns
  • Manage your subscriber list

Campaign Monitor Planning

In addition to creating/sending emails to your lists, Campaign Monitor has a wide range of additional facilities that you can make use of:

  • Templates: additional templates for special purposes
  • Autoresponders: automated sets of email messages
  • Custom fields: store more than just name and email address


Google Apps (Mail, Calendar and Docs) Familiarisation

Google Apps provides for hosted Mail, Calendar and Docs services using your domain.This familiarisation session covers:

  • Google Apps Control Panel
  • Google Mail
    • mailboxes and quotas
    • nicknames
    • mail groups
    • mail forwarding
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Docs

Google AdWords Familiarisation

How to use your Google Adwords account:

  • Setting your Billing preferences
  • Setting campaign level daily budgets
  • Creating new ads
  • Adding new keywords
  • Creating new ad groups and campaigns
  • Reviewing performance and refining bids, measures (Impressions, CTR, Quality Score, Conversions)

Google AdWords Campaign Refinement – Working Session

Review your Google Adwords account and refine your campaign(s):

  • Review overall campaign performance
  • Review conversions
  • Review Impressions, CTR, Quality Scores and Conversions
  • Keyword Review – do keywords need to be deleted/added?
  • Review and adjust bids

This is a working session focussed on your AdWords account, so we’ll be making changes to refine your account. We’ll also keep a list of other refinements that might be useful, such as optimising your site to improve quality score, building a new landing page or other tasks.

Google Analytics Familiarisation

Familiarisation session covering:

  • Analytics from the WordPress Dashboard
  • Google Analytics Dashboard and key concepts
  • Visits
  • Traffic Sources
  • Content
  • Goals
  • Date ranges
  • PDF exports

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