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Engage Your Customers with Effective Website Copy

Interview Driven Copywriting and Content Marketing Services

Website Copy That Feels Right

Getting the words together for your website can be time consuming. It’s especially difficult to find that time when you are busy running your business.

We can speed up that process with interview driven content development. That means we’ll interview you and write website copy based on your words.

You’ll find it’s so much easier to edit a draft we’ve prepared than to start from scratch yourself.

You’ll be surprised at how easily it can all come together. You can expect great content that feels right.

What Else Can You Get?

We have a similar process for gathering testimonials. You hand pick the customers you know really appreciate the way you do business. We talk with them to tease out the details of what’s special about what you offer.

Have you considered devising a customer email journey?  Newsletters and one-off emails have an important job in your marketing strategy. So too can a customer email journey. A journey is a series of emails that are automatically triggered by customer events you have predefined. It’s a way to be more personal and more responsive to your customer.

If you’d like to explore where Content Marketing fits in to the SEO puzzle, we can show you where it can benefit your business. Together we can develop a content plan for you. You can have the clarity and tools to generate your own purposeful content. Best of all you’ll understand what you are doing and why.

Home Page Workshop

Home pages need to get your key messages across quickly. They have to speak in a way your customers understand and they need to do that in a way Google understands too.

Increasingly visitors to your website are using a mobile phone so your messages need to work well on the small screen too. The way your website ranks in Google searches is influenced by the hierarchy of ways and places your messages are displayed on your website.

We can work with you to get the right words in the right places for your customers and search engines like Google.

Workshop Description

This is 1.5-hour workshop helps identify and polish the hierarchy of messages for your website homepage. The process transforms a passive homepage into a highly focused sales tool that customers relate to.


Great Escape Cruises

Bodyworks Subiaco

Jani Murphy:

Durack Financial

Who Should Be Involved:

We like to work with your most experienced sales or customer service person/people. They hear the words and phrases your customers routinely use when interacting with your business. Expect your salespeople have their finger on the pulse of customer concerns and priorities

Long Testimonial Interviews

Why This Is Useful

Testimonials are social proof of the essence of your business. If you are selling a product or service that demands a significant investment, expect your prospective customers to read every word on your website. They will be investing heavily in you.

If you are in a competitive market or if the lifetime value of a new customer is significant, quality testimonials can be useful.

If you have high profile clients, particularly those you’ve worked with overtime, who love your work there is a benefit in having that documented on your website.

Testimonial interviews also provide a great opportunity to refresh your contact base. By saying good things about you they are reminding themselves why you are a good choice for people they might refer you to.


Suzie Hunt
Neil Cownie Architect
Clark Scarff
Margo Halbert

Who Should Be Involved

Choose 3 clients who are most closely aligned with the type of customers you want in the future. They should be people who know and love your work.

What You Do

  • You ask your customers if they’d be willing to do a short testimonial interview for your new website. In our experience, people are usually happy to help.
  • Once they’ve agreed you send us the names, contact details and any useful details we might use to tailor questions for the client.

What We Do

  • We prepare a set of questions for your review.
  • Where possible these interviews are done in person at the client site. Some are done over the phone.
  • The interview will is edited and sent to you for your feedback.
  • The final version is sent to your customer for final approval prior to publishing.

Quick Testimonial Snippets

Why Is This Useful

Short testimonial quotes are highly readable proof for your website. These can be gathered in a short phone interview with people who have had a positive experience with your product or service. This approach works well if the product or service is of a one-off nature.


Jani Murphy

Who Should Be Involved:

Choose 3 clients who are your biggest fans and most closely aligned with the type of customers you want in the future. Alternatively, you might choose allied professionals who know and respect your work, product or service.

How Does It Work:

What You Do

  • You ask your 3 customers if they’d be willing to do a short testimonial phone interview for your website.
  • Once they’ve agreed you send us the names and contact details

What We Do

  • We will prepare a set of questions for your review
  • If appropriate you might give us additional notes so that questions are tailored to the client.
  • We’ll conduct the interviews, edit the transcript. The edited testimonial quote is sent back to your client with a note of thanks.

Website Copy - Interview Driven (3 hrs per page)

Why Is This Useful

Writing your own website copy sounds like a piece of cake. However, many clients find it a challenge to find the time. This is the most common reason for website projects to be delayed.

There are also design considerations in creating words that will work well on mobile phones. We can make the process of creating website copy easy with an interview-driven process. The benefit of using interviews is that we can capture your natural language and use that to make your website copy sound friendly and conversational. It will ring true and is most likely to attract customers who are a good match for you.

Content Marketing for SEO

Why Is This Useful

Everyone knows that SEO is important for websites. But what is SEO? How do you do it? This is a workshop for people who want to be clearer about what SEO is and how it applies to your business.

Whether you are doing the work yourself or hiring someone – you’ll feel more confident about where to spend your time and money.


“100% I would recommend OM4 Content Marketing training if you have an online business and you want to be successful. It will help you blitz your competition.  This would be the way to take that step forward.”

Paul Byrne, Founder, One Stop Adventures

Workshop Description

This is a 2-day workshop designed to empower you with knowledge, tools, clarity and motivation to get on top of your content SEO.

We’ll cover;

  • the important concepts of SEO
  • the tools we use for our work

In this hands-on workshop

  • you’ll get to use those tools to create your first SEO driven content
  • we’ll create a Content Plan to guide your ongoing work.

Customer Journey

You can set up an email customer journey to greet new visitors/signups.You can also use email journies to help people follow a process over time or learn how to use a complex product. Whatever the purpose, journeys can tell your story and build a sense of connection.

What We Do

OM4 will consult with you to define the level of complexity in the customer journey. We will set up the technical framework for the autoresponder emails. The content element of the customer journey will be quoted once the level of complexity is established. It might be a three simple emails or a more involved customer conversation over time.