You can use a pay-per-click Search Marketing campaign to bring qualified search traffic to your site. You pay only when someone clicks through to your landing page.

To get your PPC (pay-per-click) campaign up and running, all you need to do is nominate the keyword group (for example, adventure travel).

We will establish your campaign in Google AdWords by:

  • setting up an ad group with appropriate keywords (for example, adventure travel company is another keyword we might include in this group),
  • making sure that “phrase match” and “exact match” keywords are used, and set appropriate country or regional settings.
  • recommending initial bids for all keywords, and setting a daily budget.
  • setting up two ads for each ad group (to compare performance).
  • identifying an appropriate landing page for each keyword group.

We will integrate your Google Analytics account with Google AdWords so you can track your paid search traffic with precision. We will also tag a conversion page in your site (for example, the Thank You For Your Booking page) so we can track successful conversions using Google AdWords reporting tools.

Pay Per Click costs are billed to you directly by Google.

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