WooCommerce Shipping Assessment


With a WooCommerce enabled online store, you have many different options available to you to ship your products.

You need to consider the merits of free shipping, flat rate shipping, Australia Post shipping, courier delivery and table rate shipping. Variations may also be required metropolitan, national and international destinations.

This is an interactive shared screen/audio consultation session, delivered at a time convenient to you, or you may elect to come to our offices.

Up to 2 hour(s)

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Some businesses publish a single Terms & Conditions page that covers all related policies, while others rely on separate pages for specific policies.

Here are some of the questions you will need to consider when developing policies for shipping, returns and privacy:

  • what are your shipping rates and delivery times
  • which countries do you ship to (or not ship to)
  • who is used to ship products
  • whether someone needs to be present to sign for/receive deliveries
  • whether customers can track their shipment
  • what happens if an ordered item is out of stock
  • regulations relating to your products (for example, age restrictions)
  • insurance
  • returns
  • import/export considerations
  • issues that are specific to your business / your products
  • your policy in relation to privacy