Address Verification and Autocompletion for WooCommerce


When you are running a WooCommerce store, getting orders with the incorrect address details can create problems when you try to deliver the order. So why not validate address details in real time as they are being entered by your customer?

Integrating the Addressy service into your WooCommerce store means that as your customers start to type their shipping address, their address details will be validated as they type.

You can test out how the address verification and auto-completion works at Addressy.

How much does it cost?

Addressy use a credits system, with US address checks costing 1 credit, while international (including Australian) address checks are 3 credits per address check. Their plans are as follows:

  • 100 credits (for US address checks only)/mth: Free
  • 500 credits (up to 166 Australian checks)/mth: $25 USD/mth
  • 1,250 credits (up to 416 Australian checks)/mth: $50 USD/mth
  • 3,000 credits (up to 1,000 Australian checks)/mth: $100 USD/mth

In addition to the monthly costs for Addressy, there is a required plugin for the integration that costs $49 USD for the first year, then $24.50/yr for renewals each year.

Get Started

To use this service:

OM4 will complete the configuration of your Addressy account, and test the service on your store. Once you exceed the 100 credits/mth level of the free account, you can upgrade your Addressy plan to the required level.

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