SEO Webinar – helping customers find you online

How do you position your website so that your customers easily find you online? 

Spend two hours in OM4’s SEO Concepts Webinar on Thursday, September 12 and begin your SEO learning journey.

To join us you can register here.


Search engines look for the same signals as your customers.

They want you to be relevant to their search. They want to see that you are an authority.

Learn how to send these signals to a search engine using:

  • Keywords. Using the language of your customers.
  • Link Building.  The power of networking with other internet businesses and resources.
  • Local Search Tools. Working with tools like Google Local that trigger for local businesses.
  • Adwords.  Increasing visitors to your site by paying for well-targetted advertising.

Learn about measuring SEO success using Google Analytics. Analytics shows you how many visitors view your website; where they come from; the pages they visit; and the time they take visiting. Use Analytics to put a little more science into the art of SEO.


Your investment for this introductory webinar is $95.

Join us for 2 hours from 9am (11am AEST) on Thursday September 12 by completing this registration form.

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About OM4

OM4 is an Australian based web agency that helps you find customers and convert online. We specialise in creating custom designed WordPress and WooCommerce websites that our clients can update themselves. So you get to express your brand without being tied down to the constraints of a template, but you can still update your own content using a state of the art page builder. We develop plugins, so we know our way around code. Interested? We'd love you to get in touch.