Periodically I talk to clients about using an OM4 site, and if we can’t do what they need I’ll often recommend they get their own server.

The hosting provider that I recommend is usually Rimuhosting.

When I launched OM4, the first server I used was a virtual private server (VPS) from rimuhosting and they have been consistently good. If you know what to do with a VPS, it is a great option (and rimuhosting only do dedicated servers and VPS).

If something happens to a rimu server, they notice and do something about it (and let you know what they are doing). If you ask them a question, they respond intelligently. And their servers are reliable and fast. That might sound pretty simple and that most hosting providers would meet those tests. But they don’t.

I was prompted to write this post because Rimu have launched a referral programme. I’ve decided not to participate, but that doesn’t mean I don’t recommend them.