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Preventing Errors In WooCommerce Order Fulfilment

Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you’re running an online store errors can cost you dearly. Mistakes mean that your hard earned customer is disappointed and angry. Returns are expensive and time consuming and your reputation on social media might be trashed.

Let’s analyse where the errors are most likely to occur:

Packing & Shipping: Incorrect packaging can result in breakages and returns.

Similar Products: You might have several products that are similar. People order the wrong one and then need an exchange or refund.

Infrequently Purchased: Your staff are most likely to make an error when they are receive an order for a product or service that they don’t sell very often. They have to rely on their memory and that’s when the errors occur.

Shipping Before Payment: An order might be processed before a payment is received. If the payment is dishonoured your store loses on that sale.

Special Offers: You might have encouraged a sale with a special gift offer. If your dispatch staff fail to include that gift you’ve disappointed a customer and then need to spend more on additional postage.

If you are the owner of the store chances are you don’t make these mistakes because you know what needs to happen. The difficulty comes in when you have to train staff and they need to remember a lot of that information.

For WooCommerce store owners our new plugin After The Order is designed to help reduce these types of errors. It is designed to easily allow store owners to set up checklists and reminders that become part of the order email that your staff receive. Your staff then have what they need when they are fulfilling that order:

The Order Notification Email contains important instructions for your staff
The Order Notification Email contains important instructions for your staff

So, if you’re running an online store and errors are costing you dearly, have a look at After The Order. You can download yourself. It’s easy to install. There are even notes to help you work out what to tackle first.

You can reduce your errors in order fulfilment at the same time as recording your knowledge and expertise. Your team have your advice right in front of them – even when you’re on holiday.

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Here’s a short video that tells you more about After The Order: