Upgrading to Mac Lion means letting go of those useful little utilities that only run using the old PowerPC emulation.

Free Ruler, a utility that pops a ruler over the top of your screen has been one of those ever-so-useful little Mac applications for ages now. But released in 2003, it isn’t ready for Lion, so it seems I need to move on.

Also in the same category is Colour Selector by Telcontar, an app with an eye dropper to get the colour part of your screen. I realise there are probably lots of apps that can do this, but Colour Selector has been easy and dependable for years.



In searching for something to replace Free Ruler and Colour Selector that runs on Lion, I came across PixelStick. I needed to read the Help files to figure out how to use this software – it is one of those applications that is intuitive once you know how it works.

While I’ll miss the useful yellow bars of Free Ruler, PixelStick shows a lot of promise. And solving two problems at once – finding the size of things and the colour – that is very handy indeed.