Some months ago now John Rice from Eternity Photography moved his website on to our WordPress based platform. And more recently he commissioned Tracy Graffin to upgrade his branding and website design.

The new design has a luminous quality to it, with beautiful attention to detail.

In redesigning the website, the navigational structure as well as the look were both very important. John does both wedding and portrait photography. Both of these areas were significant enough to his business to form the two primary sections of his site:

If you take a quick peek at John’s blog, you’ll also see a distinctly different design in place for that element.

I think a blog is a powerful tool for any business website. For a photography business, a blog is a wonderful opportunity to not only show examples of the photography, but to tell the story behind the shots.

Anyone looking to engage a photographer is spoilt for choice. Reading a photographer’s blog is a perfect way to get to know them and their style. A bride and groom get to spend a lot of time with their wedding photographer, and reading their blog can give a lot of clues as to how they go about their work.

Not only do blogs work well for people considering engaging you as a photographer, blogs are great for search engines. Each new blog post is a new page in your website (in the eyes of Google). And if you are writing about topics relevant to your potential customers, search engines will be able to include you in a lot more search result pages.

One important note about blogs and search engines: blogs help your website when they are part of your domain. If you set up a blog on somebody else’s domain, search engines may still index your posts and rank them in results, but they won’t help build your overall domain authority. So where possible, integrate your blog with the domain of your website.