Here’s a Password Tool For Your WooCommerce Store

Every WooCommerce store holder should consider using a tool to generate and securely store passwords and logins.

Think of your website like your bank account – it is valuable to your business and attractive to hackers.

What steps can you take to protect your online business?

Use strong passwords. Use different passwords for each account. Use a password manager (such as 1Password) to make it practical for you to manage a lot of strong passwords. The security, activities and actions of your website, email newsletter and related accounts is your responsibility. Using tools that help is sensible.

Over the years we’ve used other password tools such as LastPass, but we’ve found 1Password is the simplest to use and the most secure.

About 1Password

Working with 1Password Vaults

1Password allows you to set up discrete ‘vaults’ of passwords. As the Admin for 1Password you can decide who can share specific login information. Each 1Password user can have access to their own private vault, and to any other shared vaults granted by the system Admin. Changes made by an Admin to information, like passwords and permissions, is immediate for everyone.

So using this approach you could, for example, create a vault for team members involved in fulfilment – you share the vault with them when they join your team, and unshare when they leave. When you change a password, the team members all have access to it.

Syncing 1Password Across Many Devices

When you and your team want to use your 1Password information on all of your devices … your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or Android phone … you have choices. The most common methods are:

  • The simple ‘no set up’ method. On each new device you wish to use, simply login and out of 1Password via the web page at Use the ‘Sign In’ field. Your 1Password information will always be up to date.
  • Set up third party syncing. Use either iCloud (if you only use Apple devices) or Dropbox (if you use cross-platform devices) to stay in sync.
  • You can explore all of the syncing possibilities here.

Keeping your 1Password Account Secure

1Password is designed to make it very hard for anyone to access your secure information. Learn what you and your team can do to keep it that way. View the 1Password Support Resources to have your questions answered.

In conclusion, think about all you’ve invested in your online store. Think about how you would feel to see your asset hacked and offline. This is the reason why you need a tool for managing passwords and access to your store. Take the time, do the tutorials and insist that your staff follow your guidelines. Staying in business just might depend on it.

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