Giovanna at PPCBlog wrote about Internet Marketing and her family.

It struck a chord for me.

I have been teaching my daughter about online marketing in a gradual way. She started a website to earn pocket money based on one of her interests.

She now ranks well in local searches in her interest area. And she has moved on to distributing leads to local businesses instead – for a fee. She was chuffed the day she collected her first fee – cool, hard cash!

She wants to travel, so she is practising starting a few pages on her site that may eventually rank for local searches in other cities. She gets the idea of maybe being able to sell leads in other cities, and is building a list of them (cities she wants to visit that is).

She is a teenager now, and by the time she has finished school I hope she knows how to be financially independent through online income streams.

That is such a better prospect than heading out to work for someone else. The way I see it, this is an area (online) she can have an advantage in and be independent. To be able to work ‘in the family business’ and yet have autonomy.

Advantage is what I think Giovanna’s Internet Marketing and the Family post was about. Trying to help give your family an advantage in an area that is new and represents opportunity. That opportunity isn’t always easily understood.

I think her family will probably come around to it with a bit of time.