The OM4 Forums have just been launched.

There is a much larger community of people involved in OM4. Launching the OM4 Forums means we can offer better support, as well as create an opportunity for business owners to talk to each other about online marketing.

Please register and use the OM4 Forums to:

  • ask questions about or discuss online marketing (note we have a specialty sub-forum for tourism marketing questions)
  • ask questions about setting up or using an OM4 website
  • offer your feedback in response to questions from other OM4 participants

If you are considering an OM4 site but don’t have one yet, join the forums to get the low down on how the platform works.

Existing OM4 clients will receive an invitation with a username / password already created for them. If you have an OM4Tourism or OM4Business site, you can sign in to the new forum with your username/password.

We trialled the forums for a few weeks using bbPress, but have now decided to use vBulletin.
Quite a bit easier to use than bbPress.

If you have a Premium OM4 site and like the look of the forums, we plan to offer a hosted vBulletin forum to go with your site in the near future.