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Our New WooCommerce Order Management Plugin

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We’re excited to be launching our third WooCommerce plugin, After The Order.

The idea for this came from some of our WooCommerce clients who sometimes had issues with staff making errors when fulfilling online orders. We also use WooCommerce ourselves, and had developed a note taking system for infrequently ordered services in our own store so we could save time.

The new plugin lets you record special instructions with the product information. When orders occur, the special instructions appear as part of the order email generated by the WooCommerce store.

In essence, the plugin is helping you implement a better system for order management in your business. Good systems make your life easier as well as making it possible to delegate to others. Your system shall set you free!

Typical uses for After The Order might include:

  • Non standard shipping instructions
  • Specific up-selling and cross-selling reminders
  • Instructions for service delivery
  • Alerts for products that are more likely to trigger returns
  • Special supplier instructions for non standard products

The plugin is designed to help store owners get specific instructions in front of their staff right at the moment an order is being processed. Staff don’t have to rely on their memory or look up manuals if the critical information is right there in front of them.

This is not a complex plugin that needs an expert to install. It’s simple to buy, download and get working straight away. Even if you’ve never installed a plugin before, our instructions will walk you through it.

We’ve been working on this project for the last few months and we’re really excited to see it launched. It’ll be interesting to see all the different order fulfillment uses our clients come up with.

Most importantly, we’re hoping it makes it just a little easier to take that next holiday. Here’s more about After The Order and what it can do to help you run your WooCommerce online store.

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