Today we have upgraded all OM4 web sites to include the latest WordPress 2.5.1 features.

There are quite a few improvements. Some menu items have been moved, so you may need to scan your Dashboard for some menu items. For a full list of improvements, see this post.

We normally apply WordPress upgrades very quickly, however in this case a lot of testing was required to ensure that WordPress 2.5’s new features and changes were compatible with our custom modifications.

Here is a video showing an example of the new interface.

The Visual Editor is improved, and doesn’t mess up pages with HTML formatting. If you don’t have it switched on, go to your User Profile and tick the Use the visual editor when writing checkbox.

There is a new Media Uploader. It will let you upload multiple files at once. It also automates the right align / left align formatting (so no need to use HTML to set class=’alignright’, just use the option buttons when sending the image to the editor). You can still use the class=’alignright’ as well.

The Presentation menu is now called Design, and the Site Design options are under that.

The Sidebar setup has changed quite a bit. A lot of WordPress users feel it isn’t necessarily an improvement. There is an article talking about how they work.

In practice, your upgraded web site should work fine. Like most things, you get used to doing things one way. If you have any questions on how it works, just ask for help.

We hope you enjoy the new Dashboard. It is easier and faster overall.