Browsing on the run using a mobile phone or tablet is very different to the large screen browsing experience at home or in the office.

It is possible and sensible to optimise certain pages of your website, making them easy to read on the small screen of a mobile phone.

Your website detects mobile phones automatically.  If you have optimised your website for mobile phones, your visitor will see a mobile-specific version of your web pages.

A major mobile modification is making headings and text readable without zooming being necessary.

Other modifications are customising the menu to offer a cut down set of pages, making more use of icons and omitting the sidebar.

Your website still uses WordPress and allows you edit pages and content in the usual way. And it all works on your primary domain, meaning your mobile pages build on your existing search engine authority.

While a mobile optimised website gives your visitors a more comfortable mobile browsing experience, your OM4 website is already enabled for mobile devices. You don’t need to take any action for your visitors to be able to view your website on a phone or tablet and see it just as it appears on a desktop computer.

These visitors will simply use functions like pinch to zoom to enlarge sections of your web pages as needed.

To compare the ease of use of  mobile optimisation website versus a mobile enabled website, we recommend you view Adventure Bay Charters.