Earning quality links for your website builds the authority of your site. And the more authority you have, the higher you will rank.

But link building is hard work.

LinkDiagnosis for Link BuildingI recently came across LinkDiagnosis – if link building is something you are working on and you don’t mind a relatively technical interface, this is a handy tool to use.

LinkDiagnosis will analyse all the links to a particular website. So if you do this analysis for sites related to yours, it might give you ideas on where you might try and earn links from next. But you should also use it to look at your own website to understand your own link profile.

Not all links are equal, and LinkDiagnosis makes it really easy to see which links are the strongest (the strength of a link is related to the PageRank of the page it comes from, along with how many other links there are from that page).

The tool also makes it clear the anchor text that people are using to link to you. If the anchor text for links to your site includes specific keywords, your rankings for those keywords will be higher.

I didn’t understand all the concepts that were being used at first. For example one column in the report is linktype. But just hover over the column heading to get an explanation of what information is being reported.

LinkDiagnosis was mentioned in an online presentation by Wil Reynolds called My 5 Favourite SEO Strategies. A very good presentation in its own right.