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Launching A New Website For Your Hotel Or Resort

Shark Bay Aerial ViewIf you are running a hotel or resort it can be hard to find the time to upgrade your website. You know your current website is looking tired but it’s difficult to imagine how you’re going to fit a major project into your schedule.

This was the problem that Luc Vecchio faced when he recently took over the management of Heritage Resort Shark Bay. He wanted a new website but he didn’t have much time to invest.

Luc also had a problem with images. He knew he needed great images for the website but he didn’t have any. This is often the case. Professional photographers are usually city based so this isn’t a problem that can be sorted out quickly.

Luc handed over the old website and asked us to do our best. OM4 have specialised in travel websites since the very beginning and in cases like these we’ve found it can be very valuable to work with the state tourism authorities. They have very high standard destination images that can be used by tourism businesses to help promote their destination.

So we set about building Heritage Resort Shark Bay a fresh website with images supplied by Tourism WA. We integrated the resort’s existing booking system (Resonline) and put a consistent call to action throughout the website.

The new website has a modern feel and is mobile responsive to make it easy for visitors to book. This is particularly important as many travellers are on the road and make their bookings from mobile phones.

In an interview with OM4, Luc told us that he was worried about feeling daunted by the industry jargon around websites. He’s not the first of our clients to say this. Business managers are used to being in control of their work processes and many find it frustrating to encounter so many new concepts at once. They know what they need in general terms but aren’t always sure how to navigate the possibilities, and the terminology can be off-putting.

We try to make sure that every step is explained so that clients feel comfortable that they understand the process. We use WordPress – the world’s most popular CMS (content management system) – and provide training and support so that people feel confident to access and update their own websites when they need to. We aim to educate new clients so that they know how to use their website and what options they have for improving their online marketing.

The new Heritage Resort Shark Bay website is an example of what can be achieved even if you are time poor and light on images. As travel website specialists, we understand the type of website you need and we enjoy helping you achieve that.

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About OM4

OM4 is an Australian based web agency that helps you find customers and convert online. We specialise in creating custom designed WordPress and WooCommerce websites that our clients can update themselves. So you get to express your brand without being tied down to the constraints of a template, but you can still update your own content using a state of the art page builder. We develop plugins, so we know our way around code. Interested? We’d love you to get in touch.