We have some clients who show signs of Google Analytics Addiction at times.

Google Analytics on iPhone

Google Analytics on iPhone

Now that Google Analytics is available for the iPhone, that addiction is only going to get worse.

When clients get to see the analytics on their websites for the first time, there is usually a big ‘aha’ moment. Seeing where visitors come from, what they look at and how long they stay … this is really powerful feedback.

Personally, one of the key reports I look at is the Keyword report, which shows all the search engine visitors to your website broken down by the keywords used to find your site. I like to sort that list by Average Time on Site, and check how many different keywords are leading to visits over 30 seconds. This metric quickly tells me how much traction a site is getting with search visitors.

A good healthy spread of keywords leading to more-than-casual visits is a positive sign, and almost always is a precursor to strong leads and sales.

Thanks to Debra Mastaler, the link building genius, for pointing out the new app on her Twitter feed.