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Introducing Artificial Eyes

Paul and Jenny’s Ocularist website has done particularly well for them. So much so that they have asked us to help them launch another website.

The new website is all about Artificial Eyes, and (quite logically) is at the domain

A few things are worth noting about this new site.

Paul and Jenny collaborated with a distinguished clinical psychologist who specialises in trauma response to create a peer support training programme. This means that people who have already experienced eye loss can provide peer support to others who are going through the experience. Not only did they produce the peer support training, they asked Jane and Sharon Genovese to prepare an Adjusting to Eye Loss Mind Map.

The mind map presents a lot of information that is useful to people experiencing eye loss. It is a resource  Ocularists all around the world can draw on. Over time, a significant resource like this should earn the new website links that bring new visitors to Paul and Jenny’s site.

It is also worth noting that Paul and Jenny purchased the domain. This is a valuable exact match domain for their industry, and the value of the domain is likely to appreciate substantially in value over time. Because it is an exact match domain (for searches on artificial eyes), it is well placed to rank well in the search engines.

In the near future Paul and Jenny will be offering Ocularists from around the world the opportunity to have their own page on – to do this, we have developed a new WordPress plugin that will allow Ocularists to sign up with a monthly subscription, and then edit and update their own page.  This is a powerful plugin, and I hope that we can make it easy enough to use so that it can be easily deployed on other sites. At this stage, we still need to be involved in doing the setup.

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