Interview with Michael D’Uva and Jaryd Revere – Roasting Depot

Roasting Depot


The Roasting Depot website was developed by Michael D’Uva and Jaryd Revere in 2016 and launched with technical and marketing assistance from OM4.

The site uses WordPress and WooCommerce with Stripe payments, and uses a range of online marketing services and plugins for email marketing, social media and search marketing.

Can you explain Roasting Depot to us?

Michael: We deliver freshly-roasted coffee from local coffee businesses direct to our customer’s door. When they place the order, it gets freshly roasted. Not everyone understands that supermarket coffee can be very old.

Jaryd: Fresh coffee is ideal for about a month after it’s roasted, then the flavor starts to drop off as it goes stale. We choose specialty coffee that has received a cupping score of at least 80 out of 100. We are really interested in the whole coffee value chain, making sure that it’s high quality.

What were the challenges that you faced in starting up your business?

Michael: We both come from an engineering background, we had limited knowledge of the coffee business. So we had a lot to learn.

Jaryd: There is a risk in making the leap from full-time work. We spoke to some roasters, looked at the numbers and market opportunity and prepared a business plan. That gave us the confidence to jump into it full time.

How did you come to engage OM4?

Michael: We had actually built our website ourselves – we’re engineers and we like to learn how to do things. If we wanted to outsource something or employ someone to help, we’d know what they were up to and how it all works. Building your own website can save a lot of money, but it was really challenging. Not something everyone would want to do.

We had our minimum viable product ready, but decided to check with someone. We chose OM4 because they specialise in WordPress and WooCommerce, the platform we were using. I called up and we spoke for about half an hour – turns out they really like coffee!

Jaryd: Glenn was very interested in working with us and seeing where our website was at. We booked a consult and caught up in person.

What did OM4 do for you?

Michael: OM4 gave us advice ranging from how we should structure the website right through to how we could market to our customers. OM4 have a lot of experience in building websites that do online sales and had some really good insights. They fine-tuned our website, doing the finishing touches and making sure that everything was running correctly such as our payment gateway. That was really important so that our customers didn’t have issues at the checkout or something like that. This was really beneficial to us.

OM4 also helped with hosting and technical aspects of the website. We changed hosting company, and we got really good support and the website loaded so much faster.

Jaryd: For us it was really critical, OM4 went through their checklist with our site before we launched. They know what they’re doing and that gave us real confidence. They checked that nothing was broken and it was secure. That was really appealing, the checklist at the end.

It was also good to have the marketing insight. We had several consultations, we’d go through things and get feedback. We went away, took the feedback into consideration, improved the website, and went back to get more feedback. It improved things a lot.

So OM4 provided us with technical and marketing advice, as well as helping with consumer insight. Those were three things which were really useful for us.

What do you think is OM4’s point of difference?

Michael: They specialise in WordPress and WooCommerce. If you have a Toyota, you go to the Toyota dealer. Glenn told us they knew WordPress well, and when we worked with them it showed. It was really in-depth knowledge. It cut down the time we spent and helped us avoid a lot of trial and error. They led us in the right direction straight away, without that guidance it would’ve taken longer to launch.

Where the any other areas OM4 helped you?

Jaryd: They helped us a lot with plugins and different marketing apps, like OptinMonster, Receiptful and Campaign Monitor for our email marketing. They pointed us to simple plugins to do things on the website which we never would’ve found. They’re free plugins, you install them and they just work. Our website wouldn’t have all the functionality it does if we didn’t have access to that wealth of expertise and knowledge. OM4 obviously keep up to date with the latest stuff, whatever’s the newest and best thing in WordPress and marketing.

What have you found as a result of engaging OM4? How’s the business going?

Jaryd: People have ordered coffee from us from day one. Our conversion rate is really good … it can always improve, but we think it’s above average for most eCommerce businesses. We want to get our name out there more and get more traffic through to the website. We are using lots of different marketing avenues – Facebook and social media, email, physical presence, doing pop- ups and stuff. The website is performing really well, OM4 did what we wanted them to do for us.

Michael: We’ve had no issues with the website and that is one of the big things we wanted, a point of difference for us. When you’re a new company, people have to trust you. If the website starts malfunctioning and their credit card number is in there, they’ll think you’re scamming them. We want everyone to think “These guys, they’re new, but we trust them.”

When you get on to our website you have no issues. You don’t have to email us because something is not working or your card is not going through. If people had issues with our website it would leave a bad taste in their mouth, and they could be pushed away.

We’ve been really happy with OM4, they’ve helped us get the website where it is.

What did you enjoy most about working with OM4?

Michael: They are really easy to get along with, easy to approach. Any questions we have, OM4 are happy to explain things in a way we understand. Glenn might say … “What you’re thinking is this, but maybe you should be thinking this way” and then educate you as to why. Then it’s like “Oh, okay, now I know”. Instead of just being told stuff, we’ve been educated

Jaryd: It continues to be an ongoing education process. The marketing side of things is a huge learning curve. OM4 are really good with after-sales service. They follow up, have been with us throughout the journey. Not just like, “All right, the website’s live, now we’ll wash our hands of it”.

They’ve helped us with all aspects of the digital marketing. OM4 have taught us instead of telling us. That’s a big thing that we have taken away, we can use the information we’ve learnt and just keep doing the stuff that we need to do for our business.

What would you say to people who want to build their own website?

Jaryd: For people who want to do what we’ve done and make their own website, I’d say it really helps to learn from an expert. If you’ve got that willingness to learn, OM4 will provide the educational services that help you get your site launched. The OM4 checklist is a big, big thing that people should be considering as a minimum.

You can go and get a basic website if you just want to sell some bits and pieces online. If you want to build out a really functional website with heaps of opportunities to evolve it and change it and build it into something great, definitely go with WordPress and WooCommerce. And OM4.

Would you recommend OM4?

Jaryd: Yeah, definitely.

Michael: Definitely.