Interview with Daniel Hackett – Riverfly 1864

Daniel and Simone Hackett own and operate RiverFly 1864, a specialty fly fishing business in Launceston, Tasmania. With both a physical and online fly fishing store, RiverFly also run exceptional guided fly fishing tours and are one of the few commercial businesses allowed to operate in the Tasmanian World Heritage Area, next to the Walls of Jerusalem National Park.

What does RiverFly do?

We offer guided fly fishing trips in Tasmania. We’ve also got a destination retail fly shop in Launceston where we sell everything from hand tied flies to fly rods and guidebooks, whatever you need. We also teach basic learn to fly fish classes.

What are the challenges of running a tour business online?

The internet is crowed by nature. The challenge is standing out from the crowd while being functional and appealing. You’ve got to achieve that in the first ten seconds when somebody looks at your website. Search rankings are also absolutely important for our business in this competitive field.

What is involved in running an online store?

It is very challenging. Getting the basics right such as in making sure stock levels are correct and descriptions are up to date can be hard. Receiving payments and processing orders can also involve a lot of work when you do it yourself.

You recently upgraded your business. What do OM4 do for you?

We merged two websites into one, the online retail website and our tour guiding website. We made the new website mobile friendly and used a new shop platform to increase our performance and customer satisfaction.

Is that working well for you?

Yes, really well. Our actual workload has decreased even though we have increased our turnover. Processes that used to take us three steps before now take only one. Putting on a new stock item, receiving orders and things like that are much simpler now. It’s gone really well for us.

How long have you been working with OM4?

A fair while, probably three website iterations by now.

What do you think is OM4’s point of difference?

I like the ability to be able to get an answer to questions. It’s really a big point of difference for us. We need to be able to fix problems if they arise. Nothing is ever static with an online store, you need to be constantly monitoring and changing. OM4 have on the ground staff in Australia, and that is good.

What are the areas that OM4 has helped you with?

They have helped us with all the basics, from how to make the website more functional and perform better in search rankings, right through to how we plug everything together so our retail and online shop work together in one integrated flow and making everything mobile friendly.

What has happened to your business as a result of engaging with OM4?

Our website drives our business, without doubt. I’d used other web design groups before OM4, and I’ve found their product has been a lot better. It is great value for money. We try to manage the website as best we can in-house – it’s great to be able to do that and know that for harder technical work or fine-tuning I can get OM4 to do it, which is great.

What do you like most about working with them?

It’s easy. Simple as that.

What are the main benefits OM4 have helped deliver for your business?

Increased sales for the retail store and the guiding business. They’ve helped us present our website in a more professional way with much better functionality. We’re leading the industry in what we do in that respect, and we could not have done that without OM4.

Would you recommend OM4?

I certainly would, without a doubt. It’s easy to deal with OM4 and we’ve been getting results. They offer good value for money and excellent outcomes, a great combination.