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Interview with Nicole Fredman

Nicole Fredman is the Office Operations Manager for My Way, a Perth not-for-profit NDIS provider. Nicole describes the marketing partnership with OM4 that covers branding, website creation and maintenance, marketing assets and digital advertising.

Q. How do you describe your operation, and what is your role?

We’re a not-for-profit NDIS disability provider with a wide range of services under one roof. As the Office Operations Manager, I manage the running of the office and ensure all staff can work efficiently.

Q. What did you want to achieve when looking for a marketing partner?

We needed a team with a wide range of marketing knowledge. When we come up with ideas, OM4 can understand our vision and guide us to ensure it comes to life.

Q. Why did you decide to work with OM4, and how long have you worked together?

What sold My Way on OM4 was their transparency and professionalism. OM4’s team are marketing visionaries, and we were eager to work with them. We were impressed by their knowledge of the NDIS. We were also aligned with their value of transparency. They’ve been our marketing partners since the start of 2022.

Q. Can you comment on the scope of work that has been covered?

They revamped our website and updated all our marketing materials, including logos, style guides, and marketing portfolios. They are now working on our subsidiary companies’ branded marketing assets. They have upgraded website functionality with customised forms. OM4 supported us with interviews for our videos. We’ve used the branding in the office interior design and company vehicles. The whole package has come from OM4.

Q. What do you think is the OM4 point of difference?

OM4 is different from other digital marketing companies because they are a small team that work closely with us to ensure we stay ahead of everything. They are down-to-earth people, who can give us what we want. We can articulate something and the team is able to custom build what we need. Throughout that process, the team check in with us, to make sure everything is tracking fine. If we change our minds at the last minute they can quickly go with that. The team are up to date on all things technical and they bring us valuable perspective.

Q. Can you describe what it’s like working with OM4? What do you value?

Working with OM4 is characterised by professionalism, collaboration, and results-driven approach. As an NDIS provider, we value their consistent communication and attention to detail.

Q. What sort of feedback are you getting from people about your new branding and websites?

We have received great feedback on our websites and marketing materials, which OM4 created for us. Our websites are accessible, friendly, easy to read, and, most importantly, engaging to the demographic we are trying to reach.

Q. Is there any part of working with OM4 that has surprised or impressed you?

OM4 went above and beyond in making tailored solutions with lots of attention to detail.

Q. What kind of impact does working with OM4 have on your day?

They make it easy for me. We work on so many different things on a day-to-day basis. OM4 has created a process that I can look at throughout the day or prioritise when I need to. I find I don’t have to give them too much. They understand what we need and just go with it. They do check in to make sure we are happy and we’re happy all the time.

Q. When you consider what you set out to achieve when you met OM4 and now look at what is in place, how do you feel about what you’ve achieved? How has it met your expectations?

I spoke to my CEO about this. OM4 has exceeded the expectations we had at the start. They’ve gone well beyond that. Now we have an understanding or a standard that we want to maintain. We are incredibly satisfied with what we’ve been able to achieve with the team and are going to continue achieving. At the moment, we’re currently doing our subsidiaries as well as updating our My Way website. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but it’s work that’s getting done, and it’s work that’s getting done to a high standard.

Q. What would you say to someone considering working with OM4 for branding, websites, and ongoing digital marketing support?

I would definitely recommend OM4. The team’s creativity and dedication are priceless. I feel proud of what we’ve accomplished together. Our branding, website, and digital marketing support transformation has exceeded our expectations. The ideas that flow from the OM4 team are so valuable. Their commitment to producing exceptional results is unmatched.