Mindful in Nature

Mindful in Nature

Belinda McCawley is an environmental scientist and meditation teacher who launched her new business, Mindful in Nature, in late 2020. Here Belinda discusses choosing a web developer, the website build process with OM4, and the impact of her new website is having on her business. OM4 provided branding, web content, design and web development.

How do you describe your operation?

I offer mindfulness and forest therapy experiences for people who are experiencing stress or looking to explore a new experience in their life.

What did you want to achieve with your new website?

I was wanting it to be a space for the business because I don't have a physical location.  The website needed to be a place where people could go to learn about what I offer, learn about me, make bookings. It needed to be the conduit to my business. It is a business management tool.

Why did you decide to work with OM4 to build your new website?

I had done quite a bit of research. I spent many hours Googling and then going down the rabbit hole of looking at all these different websites. I was really looking for a premium company. I didn't want to be just another person. One of the key things that really attracted me to OM4 was the content development. I actually visited a lot of the websites that OM4 had created, to see how well they function. That was a selling point for me.

What do you think is the OM4 point of difference?

It's definitely that you're just not another business. OM4 really work with you. It's almost like your own vision becomes their vision. There's a real personal touch.

How would you describe working with OM4 during the site build?

The process was actually not as daunting as I originally thought. I felt really well-informed throughout the process. I felt that I was supported, and I really also felt like the team kept me on track. They were steering it, and I was on board. I felt able to trust OM4 to steer it.

What sort of feedback are you getting from people about your new website?

It's all really positive. The feedback is it that it is very professional.

What has been the impact of the new website on your business?

It is  that landing place where people can go, to learn more. It's also about efficiency, because I can just put a link in something and send it and people can look at it, rather than me having to write out the different things all the time. I just direct people to my website.

Is there any part of working with OM4 that has surprised or impressed you?

There's a couple of things that were surprising and pleasing. I liked the project management system you used - Basecamp. I was really impressed with that, because I'm a bit of a planner and an organizer. I think that was really important to keep me on track. It's still useful, I went looking for something the other day and it was still there in my email in the folder.

When you consider what you set out to achieved, has the new website met your expectations?

Yes, definitely.

What would you say to someone who's thinking about working with OM4 for their new website?

Go with them, and don't hesitate. I particularly encourage people like me, who didn't have any experience with developing a website, or have never started a business before. It was a nice process, it didn't feel too overwhelming, and I felt really supported.