Interview with Audrey Rolleston – LaBellaMi



Audrey Rolleston is a Sydney-based entrepreneur who moved from the corporate world to launch her online lingerie store. In this interview she talks about her business and the experience of launching an online presence with OM4.

Tell me about LaBellaMi?

LaBellaMi is an online lingerie store. My style is very much about glamour – I love the old Hollywood fashion, stylish and classy.

I love lingerie. For years I’d been thinking of something I can bring to the market. Everybody’s doing clothing, so I decided to do lingerie because it is a personal passion.

Coming from the corporate world, there was some fear about launching something … what if I fail? Starting is hard, giving up the comfort of a regular salary.

There have some tremendously supportive people who helped me make my decision. They said things like .. why not do something that you really enjoy? Give it a go, see where it takes you! Do your research, what would you like to stock?’

I went to a Layne Beechley workshop. I said to her, I’m passionate about this, but I feel fear .. what if I fail? Layne said, what if you succeed? Why can’t you just take a risk for your passion? That accelerated things! Eventually I thought … what the heck, why not do it?

It was then I found I didn’t even know where to start. Launching an online business is a big thing! It’s been a journey for me.

Why did you engage OM4?

I had another developer, and things were not working out. There was no consultation, no plan, no project management. There was no clarity. It was one disaster after the other.

Then I was having breakfast with someone who had worked with OM4 on multiple projects. She recommended them highly and suggested I give them a call. So it started from a personal recommendation.

What did OM4 do for you?

It was chalk and cheese from my previous experience with web development.

I went from a poor experience to something that was effortless. For me, consultation is absolutely critical. They were my ideas, but OM4 provided a lot of assistance and advice. There set up time frames, tasks and follow-up consultations. The process was absolutely seamless.

What do you think are OM4’s main points of difference?

Their level of input and consultation. They did what they said they’d do. they followed up. I didn’t have to do any chasing like I did the last time. They honoured their commitments, which to me is critical. I come from a customer driven environment where you look after brand reputation and how to encourage advocacy for a brand. I’m an advocate for OM4 now, they really did provide a level of service that I was absolutely comfortable with.

What sort of dimensions does OM4 work on?

Since working with OM4 I’ve become a mini expert in online commerce. They didn’t tell me what to do, they asked me questions. What do you think about this? They suggested things, and gave me reasons for why they were important, that I wouldn’t have considered about making an online business a success. The questions and suggestions made sense! They have worked with lots of online stores, so they were able to guide and educate me. I did my own research as well and it helped me a lot.

Is there an example of you can describe that was valuable to you?

Planning my shipping approach – it’s absolutely critical! They gave me suggestions, steered me in the right direction and provided crucial advice to help me set my business up.

How are things working for you?

Things are working brilliantly.

The training was critical. I never thought I would be able to upload a product. Now I’m doing it comfortably, seamlessly!

The after service was also really valuable. I’ve had to ask a few questions along the way and the responses were just there. I had a few issues linking my new email. James contacted me – he said ‘Do you have five minutes I’ll go through this with you’. Another time I was having some problems trying to re-size imagery and OM4┬áspent half an hour with me going through it. It was money well spent, I would not be where I am at if I hadn’t had that help.

What do you like the most about working with OM4?

It’s easy, seamless. I’m not afraid and never feel on my own. That is what I need to continue to grow in my confidence and manage my new role effectively.

How was your training?
I spent some time with OM4┬ádoing training and it was really valuable time. I also booked myself into an upcoming webinar – I’m really keen to get involved in all of that. If am am stuck with something I can just send through a request for assistance, the backup is always there.

How do things work for non-technical people?

I’m not a technical person at all. When you’re looking at your website and first see your dashboard, it can be a bit mind-blowing. You think ‘I can’t do this’, there’s an element of fear.

But I knew that to be successful, I had to get know the back end of my website. With the training it became easy to navigate the important things. I understand the day-to-day operation and management of my website. I can competently and confidently manage it.

What would you name as the main benefits of engaging OM4?

They are professional, they consult. And the customer service, after the site goes live.

Would you recommend OM4?

In a heartbeat. Absolutely in a heartbeat.