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Interview with Suzie Hunt

Award-winning architect, advocate and television presenter, Suzie Hunt discusses how her architecture practice, Suzanne Hunt Architect, benefits from having OM4 as a digital partner.


You’ve been a client of OM4 for several years and you’ve just launched a refreshed website. Can you describe that process?

OM4 built my first website which was designed by Nick Page. That was very successful but it needed updating.  My son started with another digital agency so I decided to try a different approach. I worked with that agency for a few months on the new project while OM4 continued to look after my existing website for me.  The new agency changed staff and their business plan changed. Maybe we fell through the cracks. I wasn’t 100% happy with the service and I wasn’t 100% happy with the outcomes.

I went back to OM4 and they very graciously helped me resolve the project. I didn’t want it to look like a normal architect’s website. I wanted it to be chatty and approachable and tell a story. I really felt that OM4 went out of their way to do the things that I needed to resolve the website and they did those things in a timely fashion. They delivered an excellent result while working to a reasonable budget. You do get bang for your buck when you work with OM4.

You’ve invested in having interviews on your website, how do you feel that has worked?

People like getting insight into the experience of others who have worked with me. I know prospective clients read those interviews because they tell me. They also feel like they’re connected with me through the content of the website. For me, as a professional, it’s wonderful to hear my clients say things about the process of the practice. It validates what I’m trying to do and helps potential clients understand what it would be like to work with me.

How would you describe the level of service you’ve experienced from OM4?

From 2014, when my original website was launched, we’ve used the OM4 service desk.  We don’t have the time to update the site ourselves because we’re too busy with the business. The service desk has just been outstanding. They are always prompt and very helpful and that’s been such an amazing support to us as a small practise.

What would you say about the people about what they can expect from OM4?

You’ll find a friendly, efficient team with a lot of experience. OM4 has certainly helped me understand the need for good content on my website. The team is generous with sharing information and teaching me about Google stats and website traffic.

Over several years you had advice from OM4 on a broad range of digital marketing issues. What has that been like?

OM4 gives advice that is honest, trusted advice and given in good faith. That doesn’t necessarily mean I always take the advice, because I have my own opinions. However, I would say I feel listened to and my decisions are respected.  I think that is really important if you’re working in a team environment, particularly on an ongoing basis. I trust and respect OM4, they are good people and it’s clear they have a passion for what they do. It’s also clear that they want the best for me and my business.