Interview with Core of Wellbeing

In this interview, Crystal-lee Dragicevich, Co-Founder of Core of Wellbeing, discusses working with OM4 for the launch of their new business website.

How would you describe your business?

Our business is a coaching business. My mum and I are psychologists, and we have moved from the mental health space to a wellbeing space. We provide coaching for businesses, online workshops and individuals.

What were you hoping to achieve from your new website?

To begin with we wanted to boost our business with a strong online presence. We wanted people to be able to come across us on social media platforms and then go to our website to see what services we offer. We also wanted a website with diversity, creating a hub for emotional wellbeing, the ability to load webinars/blogs and the ease of us being able to manage it ourselves after the build.

Why did you decide to go with OM4 for the new site?

We had a contact at OM4 but we did have a look around and spoke to a few other people. I felt that OM4 was just really engaged with us. From the first meeting everyone felt really authentic and genuine. We had a really good experience, compared to other companies that we contacted. We felt comfortable with the OM4 team.

How would you describe working with OM4 during the site build?

It was amazing and so easy. It was step by step. I’d never built a website before so I had no idea, but it felt really clear, really easy to follow, and the communication was great.

How would you describe your experience of the customer service and training?

We appreciated the attentiveness, and the standard of communication. Our emails were answered quickly and it made things very simple and easy.

I only did one training session, that was really helpful. I think the WordPress itself seems like a great platform and  I look forward to doing more training with Judy for more advanced things I’d like to do. She did offer a few free webinars that I need to jump on as well.

What sort of feedback are you getting from other people about your site?

They love the look of it. They find it very soft, very calming and well put together. Definitely better than what I could have put together myself, that’s for sure.

Was there any part of working with OM4 on this project that surprised you?

I immediately think of the design. I think that the lead designer Mike really added those extra points of difference. He layered photos, just little things that I wouldn’t have ever thought of, or even noticed in other websites. I hadn’t expected the level of attention to detail in the design. At the same time he really stuck to what we were looking for as well. It was really beautiful how he put it all together.

Has the project met your expectations?

To be honest, when we started, we weren’t sure of what we were doing, where we were going with the website. It actually shows that we evolved our company as we were building our website. The whole process helped us narrow our focus. Working with OM4 has helped our business evolve. We achieved a lot more than just a website, we achieved clarity in our business as well.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about working with OM4 on a future website project?

I’d tell them you can expect OM4 to help clarify your business goals.  You can expect OM4 to listen and be attentive. The communication will be amazing. If sometimes you can’t get on to things as quickly as you like they’d be there to encourage and support you. I found the conversations were always comfortable and step by step. I highly recommend OM4 to all those people starting a new website. The whole process was even better than we expected!