Interview with Luc Vecchio – Heritage Resort Shark Bay

Heritage Resort Manager Luc Vecchio came to us in 2016 to discuss a new website. While the resort already had a website, it was getting old and wasn’t getting much attention. OM4 built a fresh, mobile-responsive site with easier navigation that made the most of imagery and integrated the resort’s existing booking system.

Why did you decide to upgrade the website for Heritage Resort Shark Bay?

Our website was looking outdated. It looked old and tired. That was a main reason.

We looked at the traffic that was coming through and we weren’t happy with it. So that was the first job that was given to me when I took over as manager.

What was the overall outcome you were looking for?

I wanted a much more modern look that reflected what we did. I also wanted more professional photos. Those were my main objectives.

What do you think is the key to a successful accommodation website?

I think it needs to reflect who you really are and it must be very easy to navigate. It also needs to have a consistent call to action. This is something that OM4 did. They made it easy for people to book, and the new website is extremely easy to navigate. We also have really good destination photos, which OM4 helped find for us.

Now that you’ve got your new website are you able to manage it easily yourself?

I am. I’m still taking baby steps, learning my way around, and it’s quite easy.

How important are the images for an accommodation website?

I don’t think there’s anything more important quite frankly. You have to have excellent images.

When I took over management of the resort, we had no professional up-to-date photos. All the photos of our accommodation were taken by the owner. I think he did a pretty good job, but a website needs quality professional shots.

OM4 enhanced the photos we had and found some great destination images. We’re arranging for a professional photographer to come and take new shots of the resort soon. On an importance scale of one to ten, I’d rate images as 20!

How did OM4 help you in relation to taking bookings via your new website?

They integrated our existing booking system (Resonline) into the website without any fuss, creating a streamlined process.

How important do you think the search engines are for an accommodation business?

Very very important. You want as many people as possible to find your website easily and to see what they are searching for when they get there.

How did OM4 help you with that side of things?

They did it all basically. Within a couple of months, our bookings were already up in comparison to last year. I really believe we’re on the right track.

What difference has working with OM4 made to your business?

They did a fantastic job. I gave them literally nothing, because I had nothing to give them. We pretty much gave them the old site and said do the best you can. I thought they did a great job.

I also appreciated the way OM4 pretty much held my hand right throughout. I was on my own and very busy so they had to drag me through it, which was a big help. They were very understanding with me!

What do you think is their point of difference?

I’ve dealt with three website developers and OM4 stand out because they take you through a straightforward process that’s easy to follow. Anyone planning to rebuild their site will easily navigate their way through the process. They use layman’s terms so you understand everything. They pretty much map it all out for you. That was the difference with OM4.

Anytime I’ve asked for help I was contacted immediately. So I think it’s just their way of doing things. Their level of service is fantastic. They don’t assume you know all the computer jargon and they make it easier for you by explaining things. I found them extremely easy to deal with.

So would you recommend OM4 for resort websites?

Absolutely! Someone who’s has no experience in establishing a website could easily be guided by them. I think anyone can do it and feel comfortable with the process. I would recommend them and I think that speaks a lot in today’s climate. They were great. I think the pricing structure is also fantastic. I am very happy with OM4.