Interview with Frances Cahill – Fierce and Flexible

Fierce and Flexible


The website was developed by OM4 in late 2015. It uses WordPress and WooCommerce with Stripe payments and integration with Vend POS for physical/online store inventory management.

The website was developed by OM4 in 2012.

What is Fierce and Flexible, and why did you launch it?

Fierce and Flexible is an online active-wear store. It is also our bricks and mortar store as well. We’ve had the bricks and mortar version going inside our Pilates studio for a little while. We thought online is basically the way that everything is going. It would be a separate market for us. Our product isn’t just for people who do Pilates. We want other people who engage in other physical activity to know about it. That’s why we created the website.

Why did you engage OM4?

We worked with OM4 to build our other business website. It was a clear decision because we’d already been happy with everything that OM4 had given us in the past. We’ve always been happy with the platforms that OM4 have advised us to use, and feel like we’ve always had good and forward thinking advice where that’s concerned.

Exactly what did OM4 do for you?

Right from the beginning of the project OM4 helped us to formulate what the idea was going to end up looking like. We could then really visualise from start to finish what needed to happen in order to create what we wanted. They had the tech know-how and we just had that vision of how we wanted it to turn out. We had meetings about what would be the best software choices for functionality and to achieve the look that we were going for. We explored open source options to keep costs down.

You were building a WooCommerce store from the ground up?

Yes. WooCommerce looks after our online store. OM4 were able to show us Vend Software so that we could manage inventory across both the online and the bricks and mortar store. There would never be a situation where we’ve sold something in-store and then suddenly it’s not available online even if somebody wants to purchase it. They helped us to navigate that whole process and to integrate it.

What do you think is OM4’s point of difference?

You know the people that you’re working with and you have consistency from the start to the finish of the project. It has that small, family team environment which we like.

OM4 are very conscious that everyone is on a budget. I think they are really good at identifying the best open source software and they’re not trying to trick you into purchasing something that is custom that your business may outgrow quickly, or may not take you through to a forward thinking direction. Compared to other providers that we’ve worked with in the past, that really has been the big difference for us.

What sort of dimensions does OM4 work on?

Although we don’t engage them to do specific SEO stuff for us, that’s another good thing about OM4. I feel that within reason, they are happy to give advice on those outlying kind of areas that relate to running a small online business. They’ve helped remind us to look at our Google Analytics, and the tracking things that everybody knows that they should be looking at, but don’t always have time to. OM4 takes the time to remind you what is and should be a priority for your business.

Glenn will ring me up occasionally and say “Haven’t seen any blog posts lately.” He cares about how the business is going, that’s really nice.

What do you like the most about working with OM4?

They’re very contactable. There’s clear boundaries about what we pay for in terms of support and I understand that that can’t be never-ending, that time is money. However if we are having an emergency there is always someone available.

I like that they are local, they’re in Perth. I know where there’s a face to the name and to the people. As a small business owner myself, I can appreciate how important that is. We use other American services. You talk to someone different every time, and they don’t always know what they’re talking about. There’s consistency and knowledgable help from OM4.

Do you recommend OM4?

Yes, definitely. From time to time our clients ask, “Who do you use?”, “Who did your website?” “We really love it and we think the functionality is really good,” So we do recommend OM4.

I think the good thing about OM4 is I feel like it’s a relationship that will stay. Once you’ve found a provider to help you with one big area of your business that is so important, you want that to be a long term commitment from both sides. I feel confident that if ever there was a reason that we were unhappy with what OM4 were doing with us, that we could talk and be able to resolve and make sure that that could be still a long term collaboration.