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Key Features


Customise the design of your website. Use a simple and clean design approach to let your artwork shine.


The heart and soul of your website. Display beautiful images of your artworks. Easily manage large groups of images using drag and drop loading and re-ordering.

Online Store

Display artworks, accept email enquiries or sell online and ship Australia wide or internationally. Sell customised gift certificates, and use coupons to assist sales and other promotions. Optional payment methods including credit cards, bank payments or gallery pickup.

Email Newsletters

Offer subscriptions to your email newsletter and send details to collectors/audiences about new artworks, exhibitions and events.

SAM Integration

Integration of Artists and Artworks from your SAM (Stories, Art, Money) account.

Event Calendar

Manage your online event calendar, and offer registrations and online ticket sales. Integrate with popular booking management systems including EventBrite & TryBooking, or sell and manage your own tickets.


Display your artworks and events beautifully on mobile phones and tablets as well as large format desktops.


Use Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and other social media to connect with your customers and audiences.


Implement Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google AdWords to get your website in front of your audience.


Update your website yourself using the simplicity of the WordPress dashboard. Edit all your content including pages, posts, images, events and products.

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