Business Websites

OM4 develops business websites on WordPress.

You can start out with a simple business website with just a few pages, or you can get a full featured website designed and built. Select the right mix of features to meet your requirements:

  • Custom Design or Template: Get a custom design or start with a template and add a custom design at a later date
  • Online Shopping: Sell products or services online and accept secure credit card payments.
  • Blog: Use a fully integrated blog offering email subscriptions to publish useful information about your business and build your search engine traffic.
  • Social Media: Integrate your website with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
  • Forms: Build useful enquiry forms with questions, droplists checkboxes and file uploads to make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you online.
  • Testimonials: Manage your own testimonial database and display freshly selected testimonials as customers browse your website
  • Image galleries: Display sets of images that relate to your business
  • Domain: Use your own domain name with integrated business email services
  • Search Engine Optimization: work on a website platform optimized for search engines
  • Google Maps: Include Google Maps in your web pages with one or more custom marker points
  • YouTube Videos: Embed YouTube videos into your web pages that play without leaving your site
  • Google Analytics: Find out how how many visitors you are getting, what keyword searches and websites are sending them and what pages they are reading.
  • Self-Managed Content: Update your own pages, add pages, posts, images, PDFs, audio and video any time using the user friendly WordPress dashboard.
  • Email Newsletters: Include an email signup form in your website so visitors can opt in to your email subscription lists, send emails based on your custom designed template and track the results of your mail outs.
  • Membership: Offer public and member-only content, establish free and paid membership levels, allow members to edit their own page
  • Advertising: Run your own advertising server allowing advertisers to view your rate card and pay online to request available ad slots.

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