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Here’s How To Increase Online Store Profit and Efficiency

If you’re running an online store it can be hard to take a holiday. You might feel like your knowledge and experience are needed to keep things running smoothly.

Now imagine walking away from your WooCommerce store confident that your special knowledge is still right there on tap. Your team can process orders, and get it right every time.

Instead of relying on their memory, your staff can process orders using your product specific check list that is right there inside the new order email. You no longer have to repeat yourself. Once you’ve set up the reminder it will appear in all future orders for that product.

We’ve just launched After the Order, it is a WooCommerce plugin that empowers your team with critical information at the precise moment they are processing the order.

After the Order is a simple tool to assist in order management within your business.

You can set up store wide or product specific reminders for your team about:

  • Payments: How to check payments?
  • Cross-sells: What other products to offer as a cross-sell?
  • Delivery: How to arrange special deliveries?
  • Suppliers: How and when to contact your suppliers?
  • Similar Products: What information should be confirmed to avoid a return?
  • Marketing: Which special offers to include with the product delivery?
  • Health & Safety: What safety instructions do delivery staff or customers need to know?
  • Customer Satisfaction: What information does your client need in advance of this delivery?

This plugin gives you a tool to improve the efficiency and profitability of WooCommerce online store. We are also hoping that it can make it easier to take your next holiday. I wonder where you’ll go?

Find out more about: After The Order.

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About OM4

OM4 is an Australian based web agency that helps you find customers and convert online. We specialise in creating custom designed WordPress and WooCommerce websites that our clients can update themselves. So you get to express your brand without being tied down to the constraints of a template, but you can still update your own content using a state of the art page builder. We develop plugins, so we know our way around code. Interested? We’d love you to get in touch.