Up until September 14th 2011 you can get 50% off ImageWell Version 3.

This is a great little image editor for the Mac, the perfect companion for anyone who works with a WordPress website. Use it to quickly resize (file size and dimensions) or crop images before uploading them to your site.

Apart from being the fastest and easiest to use image editor around, ImageWell has a brilliant (but non obvious) ‘Crop and Size to Fit’ feature that is extremely useful if want to create images of a specific height and width. This happens a lot when you are working with a website.

By default you can set a height (or width) in pixels, and ImageWell will set the width (or height) to retain the aspect ratio. That means you can quickly size an image to a certain width, which is useful for placing a button in a sidebar, for example.

But … if you set a height first, you can then click the lock icon to unlock the aspect ratio, and then set a specific width. You can then use the slider to control what part of the image gets cropped. This works very easily – once you know how. And it makes it very easy to get an image to an exact size.

(Xtralean document this very poorly – if you know what you are looking for you can find it here: Crop and Size to Fit)

If anyone from Xtralean is reading this post … please keep the Crop to Size and Fit feature in for V5!

Now, about the 50% off offer …

According to Xtralean …
“If you haven’t already purchased ImageWell, now is the time to get it. Version 5 – “The Best of ImageWell” – is coming soon and will be a free upgrade to registered users. V5 will be our best version yet! We’ve taken all of the features fromVersions 1 through 4, improved the interface, and leveraged all of the latest features of Snow Leopard and Lion. We’re also adding a few other gems as well as an improved built-in batch processor.”

Offer Details:
Sale Price 50% Off: $9.95 (Reg. Price is $19.95)
Coupon Code: IW50 Offer Expires: Sept.14, 2011
Try it out: Download Imagewell Trial
How to Buy: Use coupon code IW50 at the Xtralean Online Store

System Requirements:
OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7 or later

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