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How To Speed Up Your WooCommerce Order Processing

Reading Time: 2 minutes


“Anyway is anyone else having problems with slow orders?”

“I placed an order last Saturday and they didn’t even attempt to ship it out yet!”

“I placed my order with express shipping. It’s now over a week from my original date of order and my status is still on order processing.”


When was the last time one of your customers complained about a delay in delivery?

Once a customer might have suffered in silence but now they’re quick to share their frustration.

If your products or services are diverse there’s an even greater chance of order processing delays.

Diversity means that your supplier, packaging and dispatch details may all may differ from product to product. Everyday sales will go through quickly but anything unusual will slow down the whole system.

Your order processing team will have to remember what to do, check for more information or you ask questions.

The challenge is how build a system so that your order processing team are across the detail and orders can be turned around quickly and without error.

Even with the best training, an experienced person is still going to struggle with the detail of an infrequently ordered product or service.

If your want a faster order processing system in your on-line store, have look at After The Order. It’s a WooCommerce plugin that makes it easy for you to guide your staff when they’re processing an order.

Here’s how it works. This plugin creates special information fields for your store so you can set up store wide rules and reminders that apply to specific products. The order notification email generated by a sale in your store will include your instructions on how to process that particular order.

This isn’t a highly technical plugin that you’ll need an expert to set up. You can download yourself. It’s easy to install. There are even notes to help you work out what to tackle first.

So if speeding up your WooCommerce order processing is on your wish list, you may just have found the solution.

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Here’s a short video that tells you more about After The Order: