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The rollout of the EU General Data Protection Requirements requires careful assessment by business owners. OM4 does not offer any advice in relation to the impact of the EU GDPR on your business or the specific actions your business needs to take.

OM4 is unable to provide advice (legal or otherwise) regarding your EU GDPR compliance. However we are aware that in some situations business are considering a range of actions including:

  • reviewing data collection, storage and processing as it relates to the EU GDPR
  • updating a Privacy policy with plain language
  • implementing opt-in checkboxes where data is collected via forms
  • implement email newsletter signup forms with opt-in and consent checkboxes
  • implement analytics collection opt-in checkboxes
  • implement support for requests to access or delete information

If you are running an email newsletter list for European customers, you may need to consider whether consent from existing customers is appropriate for post May 25 communications.

The resources below have been compiled to help assist businesses who want to review and act on the EU GDPR. The list is not comprehensive, so we recommend you do your own research as well.

If you would like assistance carrying out tasks similar to those tasks we are carrying out, you may request an online consultation session or completion of a specific task by raising a ticket through our Service Desk (or emailing Assistance with EU GDPR is billable at our hourly rate.

WordPress Plugins to assist with GDPR

To install a WordPress plugin on your website, we recommend you first make a Staging copy of your website so you can install and test there first. Once you are confident, you can install into your live website.

To install a plugin, go to Dashboard, Plugins, Add New.

If you would like OM4 to install and/or configure plugins for you, please raise a ticket from the OM4 Service link at the top right of your dashboard.

Google Analytics

Many OM4 clients are using the Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress (GADWP) plugin. This plugin has a guide to configuration for GDPR compliance.

Once this plugin is correctly configured, it will add an opt-out link for Google Analytics to your website.

If this plugin is not in use, it can be installed and authenticated from your WordPress dashboard. Make sure to remove any other Google Analytics plugin that may be installed.

WP GDPR Compliance

This plugin offers several useful functions including adding opt-in checkboxes to Gravity Forms (enquiry forms), WooCommerce (checkout) and Comments.  You install this plugin from your website Dashboard.



This plugin offers functions to support user requests for access to or deletion of their data.

WordPress Plugins tagged GDPR

Other Questions

Is it possible to block traffic originating from European countries?

OM4 is not able to configure client websites to block traffic by country.