Recently we did some work for Denis Glennon to implement a new full page image rotator that resizes automatically when the browser is resized.

Denis wanted to display some of his images with a full page effect that took advantage of larger monitors – he first saw the effect on Art Wolfe’s website.

James extended our existing image rotator plugin to implement the full screen effect. Images in the rotator set will expand to fill the available space, and if the visitor resizes their browser window, the images automatically resize as well.

The plugin doesn’t use Flash, so it is easy for site owners to add new images to their rotator sets. Not using Flash for the visual effects also means that rotators display correctly on iPhones and iPads.

You really need to check out the full effect on Denis’ website: Denis Glennon, Photographer – and make sure you resize your browser. The photographs he has on display are simply stunning.

The plugin can be used on any OM4 website. Check out the notes on the Image Rotator help page to find out more about setting them up. As you’ll be working with large images, make sure you read up on how to prepare image files before uploading.