As of this week all four Blog School groups are now up and running for the term, including our new teleconference based group. I am delighted with the diversity of business people who have enrolled. It also prompted made me think about how our bloggers get more benefits than just learning to blog.


I think being part of a community is a real benefit. Blogging and building a site in isolation can get lonely at times. Blog schoolers are part of an interesting and enthusiastic group of forward thinking business folk.


Mixing with people from other industries can be stimulating and inspiring. How someone else tackles a problem can give you some fresh ideas about how to work on your own.

Focus on The Customer

Running a business involves juggling lots of different pressures and it is possible to lose sight of who your customer is and what problems you are solving for them. Blog school helps keep you in touch with who are you talking to and what you need to say.


Blog schoolers are part of a group who want each other’s sites to prosper. They are prepared to give feedback and post comments on each others sites. This early support is so helpful in establishing a sustainable blogging practice.


Blog school is not all work. It is a chance to make friends with really great people. Laughter is part of learnng and it happens naturally when people relax and work together.

If you missed this term’s Blog School keep an eye out for next term’s dates. Be assured we will make you feel very welcome.