1Password Number Sorting Preferences

If you are using 1Password together with a range of Google accounts (e.g Google Apps / Gmail, Google Analytics), or working with logins across several subdomains (e.g. intranet.mysite.com as well as mail.mysite.com), you might have noticed it doesn’t always do a good job of showing you the correct password entry at the top of the quickfill list. If you are storing a group of passwords that share the same URL, the logins you frequently use end up getting lost in the pack.

I’ve found that there is a pretty simple work around that helps with this problem.

In 1Password4, go to Preferences, Advanced and tick the box so that Numbers and Symbols are sorted first.

1Password Number Sorting Preferences

In 1Password, update the logins you use all the time so their entry starts with an *

Using 1Password to Sort Login Entries

Once you’ve updated your frequently used passwords, 1Password’s extension is so much more useful.