Must Have Features For Tour Operator Websites

To succeed as a tour operator your website has a couple of very important jobs to do for you.

Mobile Responsive
Travellers research and book on their phones and tablets because they’re on the road. You need a website designed to be easy to use from these devices.

The Wow Factor
You have couple of seconds to convince your potential customer that your offering is exciting and worthwhile. They will probably make that decision after a quick look at the photography on your home page. For this reason the quality of your photography is critical. If you can’t afford professional photography you can commission graphics such as maps that can add appeal to your offering. You may also be able to download free images from State government tourism departments.

Easy To Identify Products
Someone once described online shoppers as behaving like animals foraging for food. They are hunting for something specific. They are in a hurry and you have to make it easy for them to identify the options you have on offer. Your website navigation needs to make this simple. If people become frustrated they will move on in under two minutes.

Trip Planning
What do your customers need to know? Do they need calendars to show tour dates? Do they need itineraries? What will help them to make a purchasing decision?

Easy To Book & Pay
Your website needs to make it easy for people to give you their money. Try not to complicate this process. They want to see a clear and confident path to making their booking and paying. They need to see payment options that are familiar and look trustworthy. If you are too small for a bank based payment gateway you can explore the E-Path option.

Branding & Merchandise
Tourists have spending money and they want to buy things that they can show off to their family and friends later. There is no doubt that interesting graphics on quality clothing can appeal to travellers but your graphics have to be up to scratch. Quality branding can sell you a lot of merchandise. Selling these on your website makes it easy for people to buy when their tour is over.

Live Chat
Travellers booking tours often want to ask questions or make slight changes to tour details. They might have their own camping gear. They might not need the last night of accomodation because of their outgoing flight. Live chat gives you an opportunity to overcome those issues and give a personalised service to your customer. You can adjust a payment and make a booking this way too.

Customer quotes help give your website credibility. How are they displayed? Are they edited to be read quickly. It is best to use shorter punchier extracts as readers are unlikely to read a long quote.

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